Assalamualaikum and Welcome!

Assalamualaikum and Welcome!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Kampung Telaga Air, Fishing trip

June 2010,
Location, Kampung Telaga Air, "Kampung" is village and "telaga" means well and "air" is water. Located 35 kilometer from Kuching and it is away from the busy city life.
"Telaga Air is ones a harbor and there is a well that has been the main drinking water source for the villagers and the sailors. Therefore they had given Telaga Air as a name for this place."

If fishing is your favorite past time, you will enjoy Telaga Air. 
Same goes to us.
These are some of our picture;


Get ready to be catch!

Sunny day

Sense of Peace



  1. wei,dtg kampung ku x madah owh..haha

  2. sori lah he3 takut ko bz...ha3..da ku nemu ko kat emart riya laju ja jln...xnga org gk haa3